The Secret Sisters (from the album You Don’t Own Me Anymore on New West Records)

The powerful current of vocal harmony courses through You Don’t Own Me Anymore, the recent release from The Secret Sisters as the pair open the album with “Tennessee River Runs Low”. Muscle Shoals, Alabama natives, Laura and Lydia Rodgers keep the successful pairing of sibling harmonies in the vein of artists such as The Everly Brothers alive in their music. After coming together as a vocal duo at a 2010 Nashville, Tennessee audition, The Secret Sisters experienced the roller coaster ride of the music business with the first two album releases. They return on a third album with the Brandi Carlisle-produced You Don’t Own Me Anymore, their first release on New West Records. The recording has energized and re-invigorated The Secret Sisters, Laura feeling that ‘we are more proud of these songs than we have ever been. Some of the songs are a little more cryptic, but some of them are very pointed and honest and direct. And we had to let those songs happen. We had to let ourselves be angry again, and bring up things we wanted to forget’.

Tenderness is at the heart of “Kathy’s Song” as The Secret Sisters script out their writing process and personal convictions. You Don’t Own Me Anymore reads as an open letter to Davy White as a past relationship is remembered in “He’s Fine” while “The Damage” lightly picks out notes as weather matches passion in the song, acoustic strums sway with the small red wagon trailing behind the John Deere tractor in “Little Again”, and sharp-edged beats ground the bite of words in the title track. The Secret Sisters share a piano bench to sing “To All the Girls Who Cry”, tell a Country tale in “Mississippi”, rattle scratchy chords as a banjo riffs form a parade line to honor “King Cotton” as You Don’t Own Me Anymore makes an exit on the hushed gospel Folk of “Flee as a Bird”.

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