The instrumental music of Steelism takes influence from the heyday of music-only songs of the 1960’s, incorporating touches of sci-fi, spy movie soundtracks, and spaghetti westerns mixed in the funky Soul. For the track “Eno Nothing”, Steelism pays homage to the the early work of Brian Eno for a tune from their recent release, ism.

Irish instrumentalist, Paul Sweeney, backs his guitar work with otherworldly images of nature in his video for “Memories”. The beauty of Paul’s guitar is matched by the color and wonder of the pictures that flow across the screen.

Speaking bluntly, Chip Taylor fires off “Fuck All the Perfect People”, the title track from his album release with The New Ukrainians. Character is the theme for the video with passersby joining in to deliver the world view of Chip Taylor and the New Ukrainians.

Pictures of Valerie June throughout her years on earth are the background for the video “Got Soul”, from her recent The Order of Time release. Directed by NYC photographer Jacob Blikenstaff, the song intersperses images of her youth and the stylish singer she has become, as well as including footage from her first live solo performance in Memphis, Tennessee.

From the very beginning of the song, the men of Murder, Murder admit “I've Always Been a Gambler”. The band remember all the wrongs that have been dealt to them, and they cannot find forgiveness in the cards. The track is from the upcoming (September 2017) album, Wicked Lines and Veins, from Murder, Murder.