The Top Ten Songs of the Week for Saturday, July 15, 2017 travels up to Boston, Mass for its number one and number two slots. Hayley Thompson-King ascends to the peak of the chart with her brand of Garage Country with “Long Hall, Slow Decay” from her upcoming (September 1, 2017) album, Psychotic Melancholia, and in the second position, Twisted Pine showcase string band improvisation with a self-titled release. Emily Barker makes it to the chart two weeks in a row with her trio, Applewood Road, on the list last week and this time around with a track from her recent solo release, Sweet Kind of Blue. From New Orleans, King James and the Special Men play a boogie for Armageddon with “The End is Near”. Chris Stapleton puts out his resume with “Up to No Good Livin’”, Delafaye shares “She Shook Me”, and Ed Dupas sings an “Anthem” from Tennessee Night, his recent release. From Scotland, Harry and the Hendersons strike up “Matchstick Men”, from Memphis, Tennessee, Dead Soldiers shake the tambourine for “Old Time Religion”, and Amy Black lays down rules with “It’s Hard to Love An Angry Man” on the Top Ten Songs of the Week for Saturday, July 15, 2017by


01 Large Hall, Slow Decay – Hayley Thompson-King (from the album Psychotic Melancholia available September 1, 2017)

On her upcoming (9-1-17) release, Psychotic Melancholia, Hayley Thompson-King references the bible, particularly a day in the life at Sodom and Gomorrah. Hayley found solace with the women on the wrong side of heaven. She offers raucous religion preaching ‘I never asked you to set me free’ on “Large Hall, Slow Decay”.

Listen and buy “Large Hall, Slow Decay” – Hayley Thompson-King from AMAZON or iTunes on September 1, 2017


02 Hold on Me – Twisted Pine (from the album Twisted Pine from Signature Sound Recordings)

The self-titled debut from Twisted Pine showcases the musical talents of four Boston, Massachusetts musicians as they improvise on Bluegrass and Folk with funky jams. Voices blend as strings swirl and swoon for “Hold on Me” from Twisted Pine.

Listen and buy “Hold on Me” by Twisted Pine from AMAZON or iTunes


03 If We Forget to Dance – Emily Barker (from the album Sweet Kind of Blue)

Emily Barker lists her desires in a whispery wail to open “If We Forget to Dance” before the beat hits and the tune heads for a spin around the floor. Horns pop as Emily admits that a ‘song or two brings me back to you’. The track is from the recent Emily Barker release, Sweet Kind of Blue.

Listen and buy “If We Forget to Dance” by Emily Barker from AMAZON and iTunes


04 The End is Near – King James and the Special Men (from the album Act Like You Know available on July 23, 2017)

King James and the Special Men issue marching orders as the New Orleans, Louisiana band leads the parade downtown to party. A line forms behind King James as he promises that “The End is Near”, admitting ‘we all gotta die but baby please not tonight’. The tune is from the upcoming (6-23-17) E.P., Act Like You Know, from King James and the Special Men, whose horn section members can be heard backing Sturgill Simpson and St. Paul and the Broken Bones.

Listen and buy “The End is Near” by King James and the Special Men from AMAZON


05 Up to No Good Livin’ – Chris Stapleton (from the album From a Room, Volume One)

No matter what kind of changes Chris Stapleton puts into his life, his lady at home still expects the same bad behavior. His life is turned around and she is still turning the screws on poor Chris, who admits he will ‘probably die before I live “Up to No Good Livin’” down.

Listen and buy “Up to No Good Livin’” by Chris Stapleton from AMAZON or iTunes


06 She Shook Me - Delafaye (from the E.P. Highlands)

Louisville, Kentucky singer-songwriter Delafaye rolls chords into a misty Folk Americana soundscape for “She Shook Me”. Psychedelic trails of melody cascade through the songs from the recently released E.P. Highlands from Delafaye.

Listen and buy “She Shook Me” by Delafaye from AMAZON or iTunes


07 It’s Hard to Love an Angry Man – Amy Black (from the album Memphis)

Recording her album with The Bo-Keys Scott Bomar as producer, Amy Black had immediate access to a history of Soul music through the players in the city of Memphis, Tennessee. Amy titled the album for the city that opened its doors to her as she bares her own Soul on the opening cut from Memphis as she admits that “It’s Hard to Love an Angry Man”.

Listen and buy “It’s Hard to Love an Angry Man” by Amy Black from AMAZON or iTunes


08 Anthem – Ed Dupas (from the album Tennessee Night)

With music born in the heartland, Ed Dupas sets his sights on Tennessee Night with his new release. Ed sings from his own heart with “Anthem”, advising to look towards the future and rip off the rear-view mirror for the past as he cruises new roads fueled by hope and fear.

Listen and buy “Anthem” by Ed Dupas from AMAZON or iTunes


09 Old Time Religion – Dead Soldiers (from the album The Great Emptiness)

Dead Soldiers are wondering how the light from above will shine on them if they are ‘hidden in the shadows of this modern century’. The Memphis, Tennessee-based band puts fire and floods on their wish list as they look for some “Old Time Religion” on their recently released album, The Great Emptiness.

Listen and buy “Old Time Religion” by Dead Soldiers from AMAZON or iTunes


10 Matchstick Men – Harry and the Henderson's (from the album Methods of the Matchstick Men)

Harry and the Henderson's are set to release their debut album with Methods of the Matchstick Men. Folk Pop surrounds the harmonies of the band, vocals that land somewhere between Fleet Foxes and Crosby, Stills, and Nash. “Matchstick Men” is the first single from Harry and the Henderson's in advance of their album.

Listen and watch “Matchstick Men” by Harry and the Henderson's from AMAZON or iTunes

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